Our Culture

The culture at KWB seeps into everything we do.


At KWB we want to be the accounting firm of choice in Edmonton serving the small and medium enterprise market because our clients become more prosperous working with us.


As your business adviser, we use technology to simplify your accounting experience, save you time and help you grow your business.

Clear Communication
We believe that clear communication is key to working efficiently and building strong relationships. We are always honest with you and talk about your finances in simple terms. We want you to understand what we’re doing and how we’re helping you so that we can operate together as a team.

We enjoy meeting with you, so being personable comes naturally to us. We want you, our staff, and other service partners, to feel welcome.

We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments and for the services we deliver, in order to establish and maintain trust. When we can not meet certain commitments, we communicate our difficulties and establish a revised plan, with as much advance notice as possible.

KWB keeps the accounting responsibilities of my business simple, understandable, direct, and in order. Dustin Delfs, Laughing Dog Photography

Our knowledge of accounting and tax is the foundation for everything we do. We don’t believe that becoming knowledgeable is a one-time thing – we see learning as an ongoing process. This mindset keeps us at the top of our industry and allows us to provide you with the best possible service, part of which is passing our knowledge on to you.

We encourage a supportive, team-based environment at KWB. We actively share our knowledge and our time with others, coordinate our activities, and give of ourselves for the better of the common good.

Continuous innovation allows us to deliver the most appropriate suite of services to you in a manner that is beneficial to all. We choose to foster innovation by showing a positive attitude towards all new ideas, actively soliciting such ideas, and rewarding both individual and group successes.

Blog posts about Our Culture

Dec 19 2018
December at KWB

December was another typical month at KWB. Work hard, but have fun doing it as well. First we started off with a family Christmas party where all the adults, children and grandchildren got together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate.  This of course came with a nice visit from the big man himself

May 15 2018
Remote Support

Would you like to have a KWB staff person work directly on your accounting system at a time that is convenient for you? Or to help you figure out why your accounts aren’t balancing or why your accounting software has crashed? KWB is here to help! Learn more about our remote accounting support.

Dec 5 2017
KWB Christmas Party

At KWB we believe that family is important which is what we emphasized when we recently had our annual Christmas celebration. We decided to do things a little differently this year and we involved the children and grandchildren of our staff in a party where we spent the day enjoying Edmonton’s history at Fort Edmonton

Nov 1 2017

Here at KWB we put the FUN in our corporate culture FUNdamentals! And in true KWB fashion, we had a spook-tacular time at the office for Halloween! Our clients delighted in our decorated reception area, our offering of treats and our creative attire. Everyone got into the spirit donning their costumes for the annual “best costume

Oct 10 2017
KWB 10th Annual Bunnock tournament

What do accountants do for fun??? Well we grab some horse ankle bones and throw them at each other… The game is Bunnock Okay, well, maybe not “at” each other.  I know that sounds a little aggressive but actually it is quite the opposite.  The game is called Bunnock (go look it up

Dec 21 2016

KWB Chartered Accountants is proud to support our December charity, Coats for Kids and Families. We have decided to not only support this charity with the monthly amount we collect from any staff member who wants to wear jeans on certain designated days, but have also decided to collect winter wear for kids and adults. We

Nov 4 2015
Halloween at KWB

This past Friday, October 30th, the staff at KWB once again celebrated Halloween at the office. A costume party and office decorating contest were the highlights and although we skipped the pumpkin carving this year there's a good chance it will be back in 2016. Winner of the best costume with a great make up

Dec 19 2014
Merry Christmas from KWB!

Happy Holidays! All of us at KWB hope you enjoy yourself this holiday season. If you need to reach us, we are open regular business hours of 8:00-4:30 on the 22nd and 23rd and then closed from December 24th to December 28th. The office is open again on December 29th and we are in all

Feb 13 2014
KWB Website

We launched a new website this past month and it's full of new content such as: • Videos on numerous tax and business subjects • Dozens of blog postings on topics that we've written over the last few years • Content on all sorts of subjects customized to your specific needs • Testimonials from many

Jul 10 2012
KWB Client Focus Group Meeting

On June 7th, KWB invited six of its clients to participate in a client focus group with the goal of discovering opportunities to better serve its customers. We learned a lot, and we want to share with you not only what we learned but also what we plan to do with it – to ensure that KWB is your accounting firm of choice today and in the future. For some of the details of what we learned and what we plan to do about it, read on.


KWB has always provided me with timely support for all of our business and family needs, and have priced their services fairly.

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