Welcome to ONSight Advisory Services

KWB Chartered Professional Accountants is thrilled to offer expanded services to support the needs and goals of entrepreneurs and small and medium-size business owners. Our elite team of professionals will apply their expert advice and guidance to the unique challenges and goals that you face to support your growth and success.

We will answer your business performance questions and provide accountability for your business goals. Our advisors will provide insight to help you grow and operate your business more efficiently, allowing you to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Can ONSight Advisory Benefit You?

You’re a perfect fit for ONSight Advisory if you’re an entrepreneur or small or medium-size business that has:

  • Annual revenue of $1-10M
  • 5+ employees
  • Been established for 3 or more years

We want to work with you if you:  

  • Embrace technology
  • Appreciate the advice of professionals
  • Are willing to spend money on things that generate a positive return on your investment
  • Want your business and profit to grow
  • Want to free up time

Our ONSight Advisory team offers expertise for:

  • Your business
  • The trades
  • Medical professionals
  • Auto repair businesses

ONSight Advisory Services and Packages

A La Carte Services

Advisory Packages

Contact info

To learn more about how ONSight Advisory can benefit you and your business, contact onsightadvisory@kwbllp.com or (780) 466-6204 and connect with an advisor today!


KWB has always provided me with timely support for all of our business and family needs, and have priced their services fairly.

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