Find COVID-19 Benefits for Your Business

Written by Samantha van Hooydonk on Mar. 10, 2021

If you are unsure of which COVID-19 benefits are available for your business, CRA has a webpage that will will help you figure it out.

In order to narrow your search, you will be asked the following questions on their webpage:

  • Type of support you are looking for (e.g. support due to the effect of COVID-19 or other government support)
  • Specifics about the support you need (e.g. emergency loans, rent assistance, etc.)
  • The province your business is in
  • The type of business you own
  • Number of employees
  • Whether you are incorporated or not
  • Whether you are for profit or non-profit
  • Type of ownership (e.g. Canadian, Indigenous, etc.)

Once you have entered all the details, you will be sent to a page with the results of what benefit programs are available for you to apply for.

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Samantha van Hooydonk

Samantha van Hooydonk

Marketing Manager

Samantha completed her bachelor of arts degree in Communications through the faculty of journalism and public relations at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Since graduating from Carleton, Samantha has put her knowledge and passion to work in various industries – event management, mass media and advertising, recreation, and now accounting – taking on more responsibility and creating a greater impact with each position.

Samantha is thrilled to be part of the KWB team and to help share KWB’s story and expertise with our community’s entrepreneurs and business owners.

She has a golden retriever and a wonderful husband, plus an adorable and witty niece, and she loves spending time with her family and friends, especially over food and wine.

Samantha has volunteered with St. John Ambulance’s dog therapy program as well as with Edmonton’s GRIT organization and Ottawa’s Immigrant Women Services Ottawa organization.

Outside of the office, Samantha likes to cook, sing and play the ukulele, and workout to music from her favourite musicals and artists.

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