KWB Christmas Party

Written by Janet Crawford on Dec. 5, 2017

At KWB we believe that family is important which is what we emphasized when we recently had our annual Christmas celebration.

We decided to do things a little differently this year and we involved the children and grandchildren of our staff in a party where we spent the day enjoying Edmonton’s history at Fort Edmonton Park.

We had a scavenger hunt that had us journey through time and explore  the various buildings in the park.  By reading the signs at the different buildings, we were able to collect the answers to our scavenger hunt questions.  Once we thought we had all the right answers we brought the answers in to see if we had won the prize.  This turned out to be a tough task, but everyone had a lot of fun trying.

To make sure we had energy to venture through time, we sat down to share in a meal at Eggie’s Barn.  After that, we went on some sleigh rides (thank you mother nature for such a beautiful day) and then it was back to Eggie’s Barn for a special visitor – Santa!.  Yes – Santa paid us a visit and brought all the children and grandchildren gifts, he even took a picture with the partners!

Merry Christmas to All!

KWB 2017 Christmas Party at Fort Edmonton

KWB 2017 Christmas Party at Fort Edmonton

KWB Christmas Party Sleigh Ride

KWB Christmas Party Sleigh Ride

KWB Christmas Dinner - Egge's Barn

KWB Christmas Dinner – Egge’s Barn

Janet Crawford

Janet Crawford

Office Manager

Janet joined KWB as a manager in March 2015. She has 12 years experience as an office manager and has worked in both public practice and industry. Since joining KWB she has started to work towards her PCP Designation.

Janet has 3 teenage children who keep her busy outside of work, and when possible she enjoys spending time at her lake lot and quading with her family.

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