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On June 7th, KWB invited six of its clients to participate in a client focus group with the goal of discovering opportunities to better serve its customers.

We learned a lot, and we want to share with you not only what we learned but also what we plan to do with it – to ensure that KWB is your accounting firm of choice today and in the future.

One of the most important things we learned was how important communication is to our clients.  You want to know and understand not only what we do but also why we do it – in a language that you understand.  You want to be able to ask questions and call back for further clarification without being made to feel foolish.  Also, you want to be listened to rather than having to answer the same questions year after year or person after person.  KWB wants to fulfill these communication wants and we deliberately hire people who exhibit these communication skills.  We have also talked to all our staff, since the focus group meeting, about how important this is to you.

Another important thing that was emphasized was how important relationships are to our clients.  You value having a long-term relationship with one accounting technician who fully understands you and your business.  Many of you came to KWB, looking for a professional partnership – looking for a quarterback for either yourself or your business who would see you through everything and own what they do.  You are hesitant when it comes to the thought of your work being outsourced, especially your prep work, and, honestly, after hearing your hesitation, we understand it.  For many of you, it is the people component of our business that brought you to KWB, and we want it to be that component that keeps you here as well. We are constantly looking for long term staffing opportunities and will strive to assign the same accounting technician to work on your file from year to year.

For many of you, cost is a concern – and, with the economy as it is today, we completely understand.  We want you to feel free to call us anytime – whether you have a question or just a concern, we want to hear from you.  Many of you may think that picking up the phone is like writing a cheque.  But you will not be receiving a bill for each phone call you make.  We will only invoice you if we have spent a significant amount of time (at least half an hour) on an issue for you.  And when you do receive a bill for services, you will not have to wonder what was done or how long it really took to do so.  At your request we can provide a very detailed description of what was done and the hours that it took to do so.

Tax time – it is what we should be best at as accountants, and we aim to make next years’ experience even better than this year’s.  From the moment you walk in the door, you will notice a change.  We want to make our front end more welcoming.  Even if you are just coming in to pick up a personal tax return, we want your experience to be both professional and enjoyable.  And, if you are coming to discuss your return, we want to give you the opportunity to meet – in person – with someone who knows your return and can answer any and all of your questions right there, right then.

We also want to thank you for embracing our newsletter.  The world of accounting and taxes is constantly changing, and it is not an easy world to understand.  Our goal with the newsletter is to keep you abreast of those changes and to show you how they could affect you or your business – now or in the future.  Although a newsletter cannot replace the need for one-on-one interactions with an accountant, it certainly can help you stay informed and ask the right questions.  We hope that you have found the topics that we have chosen in the past to be of interest and value to you.  If you have suggestions for future topics, please do not hesitate to provide them.

KWB would like to thank the six clients who participated in the client focus group – it definitely will not be our last.  If you would like to be involved in a future focus group please let us know by clicking here to email us.

We learned a lot, and we embrace the opportunity to transform what we learned into a better experience for you – our clients.  We look forward to that transformation over the next year and to watching our current clients become lifetime clients.

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