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Insight into your business by working with you ON your business.

We’re thrilled to offer services to support the needs and goals of entrepreneurs and small to medium-size business owners. Our elite team of professionals will apply their expert advice and guidance to the unique challenges and goals that you face to help you succeed. We’ll provide insight to help you grow and operate your business more efficiently, allowing you to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

Small Business Can Change the World in a Big Way!

In 2007, a group of small-business owners had an idea. They asked, “What would happen if we all gave back just by doing the things we do every day?” It was a question that deeply inspired them.

Three years and a great undertaking later, they were able to design the systems and processes necessary to make it work, and their dream is now a reality. The initiative was originally called “Buy1Give1,” backed by the idea that companies would create a specific giving impact with each designated business transaction. Today, the B1G1 initiative brings together more than 2,600 businesses from around the world — each making significant impacts in their own ways.

KWB joined B1G1 in January 2019 and since then, we have created tens of thousands of impacts all over the world. We match services that we provide to you with projects that enrich and enhance the lives of others. 

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