2013 Tax Filing Deadlines

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Tax filing deadlines:

April 30th- General return (unless the 30th falls on a week-end in which case it is the next business day)

June 15th- Returns for self-employed people or their spouses.  However, any balance owing is due by April 30th.

Returns for deceased persons are due on the latter of the same dates as above or 6 months from the date of death.

Trust returns are due by March 31st.

Penalties are calculated on late filed returns based on the balance owing at the time of your deadline.

Interest is calculated based on any unpaid balance after April 30th.

U.S. tax filing deadlines:

April 15th-General return for all US taxpayers

June 15th-If you are a US taxpayer living abroad you are given an automatic extension to June 15th.

October 15th-An additional 4 month extension can be requested if done on a timely basis.

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