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Have you ever wondered about CRA statistics like how many tax returns get filed each year or how much Canadians pay in taxes each year? Earlier this year, CRA released their 2014-2015 Annual Report to Parliament which included the following CRA statistics:

  • 28 million tax returns were filed for the 2014 year. Approximately 1% of total returns filed were reviewed.
  • $469 million in taxes and duties were processed. Of this total, $255 billion was collected via source deductions through employers.
  • 135 benefit and credit programs are administered on behalf of provinces, territories and the federal government.
  • $22 billion in benefits were paid to 12 million recipients.
  • 23 million enquiries were answered by CRA agents and through automated services.
  • 85% of callers attempting to reach the CRA Individual Enquiries line succeeded.
  • Over $1.7 billion in additional taxes were assessed by verifying tax returns for errors, reviewing high-risk claims, and matching information filed in returns to third party data.
  • 6,540 income tax and GST audits were completed of the underground economy.
  • 70,421 GST audits were completed.
  • 781 charities were audited.
  • Approximately 24,000 Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED) claims were processed, resulting in $3.1 billion in tax assistance.
  • Over 585,361 payroll accounts were reviewed and 744 employer compliance audits completed
  • 90,059 income and commodity tax disputes were resolved.
  • The CRA received 2,628 disputes related to CPP and EI, and resolved 2,576.
  • 95.9 of taxpayer service complaints were resolved within 30 business days.
  • Up to August 1, 2016, a total of 27,684,385 returns were filed. Of these, 57% were efiled, 28% were netfiled and 15% paper filed.


For the full version of CRA’s Annual Report to Parliament including CRA statistics, click here.

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Thanks to Stephanie Kwan of KWB Chartered Accountants for providing this content.

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