KWB 10th Annual Bunnock tournament

What do accountants do for fun???

Well we grab some horse ankle bones and throw them at each other…

The game is Bunnock

Okay, well, maybe not “at” each other.  I know that sounds a little aggressive but actually it is quite the opposite.  The game is called Bunnock (go look it up!) and this year we had our 10th annual staff Bunnock tournament.  The event has evolved over the years but has always been a staff favourite among the many different fun events that we have.  This event allows for a morning of team building while competing for the title of Bunnock Champions and the very large Bunnock cup which is kept in our reception area for everyone to view.   Then we all break for an absolutely amazing Rib and Chicken BBQ lunch with all the fixings.

At KWB one of our core values is teamwork

At KWB one of our core values is teamwork and we believe it is important to have an enjoyable work environment where we can take a break and have some fun!  Over the course of the year we have various fun day events which the staff plan in groups of 2.  The remainder of the staff participate in the event and enjoy each other’s company.  The staff never know what they will be doing during these events until the moment we all go to participate.  We have done so many different events but some of the most memorable events were human Hungry Hungry Hippo, road hockey, a pool tournament, escape rooms and our own minute to win it, just to list a few.

Next time you are at KWB please be sure to check out the Bunnock trophy located in our lobby and ask our staff members about some of their favorite events!

Here’s a picture of this year’s Bunnock champions!

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