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Triplog is a great tool if you are tired of tracking your mileage every time you get in the car. Especially if you aren’t claiming mileage as an expense because you forgot to check the odometer or write down your trips in a log book.

This app easily integrates with Quickbooks Online

Triplog is an easy to use App that takes away the headache of tracking your mileage.  This app easily integrates with Quickbooks Online allowing yourself or your staff to upload mileage into the accounting software.  This app automatically tracks mileage based on your GPS coordinates.  You can upload and attach receipts for various automobile expenses such as gasoline, maintenance and parking.  All you need to do is connect your phone to the car via cord or Bluetooth and let Triplog run in the background.  As soon as your vehicle exceeds 5km/hr, Triplog begins to track the mileage.  Once the trip has been tracked, you have to let the app know which trips were for business or personal.  Although you can apply settings that automatically record trips during certain times as business or personal.

It automatically tracks mileage based on your GPS coordinates

This app also lets you pull reports regarding the trips taken by yourself or your staff to analyze fuel efficiency and to track your fleet.  You can also look at graphs which show monthly mileage and expenses incurred.

Should CRA ask for mileage records to support an expense, Triplog reports can be used to substantiate travel as they show the date of the trip, the mileage and whether it was business or personal.  There is a free trial, however, the cost for an annual subscription is as low as $42. Triplog website.

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Thanks to Sophie Duncan of KWB Chartered Accountants for providing this content.

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