Controller and CFO Services

Do you think you may need Controller or CFO services? Are you looking for information to help you make good decisions?  Are you unsure of what’s happening financially in your business?

You need timely, accurate and complete financial information and the people who can figure out what it all means in order to survive in today’s economy. Controllers should basically pay for themselves. The cost savings you can achieve from being able to make good decisions weeks or months in advance due to timely information can save thousands and making the right strategic decision at the right time is invaluable.  These are the types of actions that can occur regularly with a good controller or similar system in place. Talk to someone who recently brought in a good controller or accountant and they will often say that the bottom line improved.

These are definitely tough times, and with revenues declining and tough to grow, the focus of many has been to look at costs and operational efficiencies. However, if you don’t have the tools or the manpower to do a good job of reviewing your financial information on your own you made need some help.  The accountants at KWB can provide both.  We have the ability to bring your records up to date and to ensure all of your business transactions are recorded accurately, properly and on a timely basis.  We can then ensure you receive excellent financial reporting information on a timely basis so that you can make good decisions about how to run your business and get through these difficult times as unscathed as possible. We can offer these “controller” and similar services part time, casual, full time, temporary or in any way that you think will work for you.

And just so you know, you should be receiving your monthly financial information within 10 business days or less from the end of the month. If you aren’t presently getting that, then improvements can definitely be made, and we can help you.

We also use tools to help analyze your financial information so that we can point out performance issues which can then be addressed. In addition, if you are thinking of making some changes and would like to know what the impact of those “what if” decision might be, we can run our modeling software to help show you that.

Spending money in tough economic times is a hard decision, but it’s even harder losing money month after month. Call KWB today to get your financial house in order, you will be thankful that you did.

If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 780.466.6204, or click here to send us an email. To get more information about bookkeeping services, click here.

Thanks to David Wickenberg of KWB Chartered Accountants for providing this content.

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