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TSheets is a website application that is used to track time and help with scheduling. If you’re tired of tracking your time sheets manually, this may be the solution for you!

Regardless of whether you are an employee, management, moving from one job site to another, or work in the same office each day, there is a function for everyone.

TSheets also integrates easily with QuickBooks Online (QBO) for payroll and invoicing. Specific jobs, employees, and other information already entered in QBO can be quickly added to TSheets without having to manually enter the same information over and over again.

How does it work?

TSheets is available for Apple and Android devices.
The App works even if you are offline or out of the service area. Data is saved and uploaded when you have cell service again.
For App users, there is minimal cellular data usage (usually less than 30MB per month) and minimal battery usage as the App does not run continuously.
For employees, there are multiple ways to clock in and out:

  • Through the website
  • Cellphone/tablet App
  • Texting
  • Dialing in


Why should you use TSheets?

  • Time is tracked accurately and to the minute. This means potential savings for employers.
  • It can be updated from anywhere. You can be in the office or on a job site.
  • TSheets not only tracks time in and out, time can be allocated to specific jobs and the information sent back to QBO for more accurate billing. Reduce lost time!
  • Administrators can create, update and schedule jobs at any time. Notifications can be sent to those employees affected by the changes.
  • Notifications can also be set for break times and reminders can be set to ensure that employees submit their timesheets by the deadline.
  • You don’t need to be a mobile employee. TSheets Time Clock Kiosk can be used by stationary employees who work in the same location each day. They can clock in and out of the TSheets system with a four-digit PIN.
  • Employers can enable GPS tracking in the App and will be able to see where employees are while working, thereby increasing accountability.
  • For employers concerned about other individuals clocking in/out for an employee, the photo capture feature can be turned on which will take a picture of who is inputting their time. TSheets uses facial recognition and will flag a timesheet when the picture is of someone else.
  • Overall increased efficiency with less time spent on manually entering timesheet information.

The price of TSheets varies depending on the number of users in that company. For more information on pricing, click here.

If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 780.466.6204, or click here to send us an email.

Thanks to Stephanie Kwan of KWB Chartered Professional Accountants for providing this content.

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