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Wagepoint is an online payroll software that will meet all of your payroll needs.

Wagepoint Features:

  • Direct deposit
  • CRA/WCB remittances
  • T4 and T4A preparation
  • Statutory Holiday calculations
  • Record of employment (ROE) preparation
  • Additional deductions
  • Contractor payments
  • Additional incomes
  • Online pay stubs


Integrates with QBO and TSheets

Wagepoint also integrates with Quickbooks Online (QBO) accounting software.  If you use TSheets for time tracking you can easily import employee time details into Wagepoint from TSheets.

Use Wagepoint to pay hourly or salaried employees and subcontractors, all at the same time.  You can set up multiple groups if you need to pay people on different pay schedules.  (ie monthly vs biweekly)  If your payroll doesn’t change from period to period, you can let it run itself even when you’re not there!

The Track feature allows you to set up your employees so that they can track their own time using a time clock to clock in and out of work.  Or they can use a time sheet to enter their time daily.  All time sheets would be approved and/or edited before they are processed in the payroll.

Employees have online access to their own personal information to access paystubs, their pay history and T4 slips.  They can also update their contact and banking information when necessary.

Conversion to Wagepoint is fairly simple and their team is ready to assist. Year to date figures can be entered allowing you to start using Wagepoint at any time during the year and still be able to process the necessary year end reports.

Approve your payroll from anywhere at any time

KWB is available to handle the time consuming and sometimes unpleasant task of doing your payroll. All you would have to do is approve what employees are being paid either at the set up stage for salaried employees or through the approval of time via TSheets. And since all of these apps are online you can do that from anywhere at any time.

Pricing is based on need, depending on the number of employees you are paying.  The base fee is $20.00 + $2.00 per employee each pay period.

If you would like more information on Wagepoint or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 780-466-6201 or or email us by clicking here.

Thanks to Haley Bistretzan of KWB Chartered Accountants for providing this content.

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