Strategic Planning

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What if you knew the impact of an important decision before you made it? Could you and your business benefit from this “what if” strategic planning?

You would be able to look at the potential outcome and financial impact of business decisions before they are made. At KWB we use software called Profit Driver to turn historical financial data into strategic plans.

We are able to create scenarios that help you optimize operational efficiencies, improve cash flow and see the benefit of changes to sales, pricing, cost of sales, days receivable and payables and even more.

What if you knew the impact of an important decision before you made it?

We can also provide a health check report that clearly identifies what areas within the business need improvement. As well, the report can be used to communicate business performance and the results of strategic planning. These projections can even be spread over numerous periods to create monthly or quarterly budgets.

Examples of some of the business questions we can help you answer are:

  1. What would be the impact of a change in AR collection on our cash flow?
  2. What is the overall impact of a price increase if it reduces sales volume?
  3. How can our cash flow be improved over the next 12 months?
  4. How can we improve our inventory efficiency and how would this impact our cash flow?
  5. Would reducing prices to increase volume be our best strategy?


KWB is also able to provide an implementation action plan to break down what steps need to be completed in order to carry out strategic planning. Having the plan broken out into steps and analyzing who is responsible and when action is required will ensure all parties are using the same communication plan, minimizing confusion.

Some of the additional services that we can provide to you are:

  • Working capital management
  • Due diligence and business valuation estimates for buy/sale transaction


If you are looking for an overall health check of your business or looking for ways to better your bottom line through strategic planning or have any other questions please call us at 780-466-6204 or click here to send us an email.

Thanks to Darren Buma of KWB Chartered Accountants for providing this content.

Strategic Business Goal Setting

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