The 2019 KWB Bunnock Champions Are…..

Partner, Richard Ouellette and Edzel Agustin (who does work for KWB in the Philippines).  Who knew that the Philippines had such accomplished Bunnock players?

It was a tough morning but we eventually crowned the winners of the 12th Annual KWB Bunnock Cup!

For those who are scratching their heads wondering what the Bunnock game is all about, this is for you!  Bunnock, also known as the Game of Bones, is a game thought to have been created by Russian soldiers to pass the time while stationed in northern Siberia during the early nineteenth century.

The game involves what the soldiers had a surplus of, namely, horse anklebones.  It has been compared to a cross between bowling and curling, in which the two teams stand on opposite ends of the field and take turns trying to knock down each other’s row of bones.

Bunnock was brought to Canada sometime in the early 20th century by Russian and German immigrants, many of whom settled in Saskatchewan.

The world’s largest Bunnock bone can be seen at the Macklin tourist information booth on the Alberta/Saskatchewan border.

It is a great Team Building exercise and although there is strategy, it is the luck of the bounce!

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