Your “Unexpected Death” Checklist

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Death, specifically your own death, is a subject that is tough to talk about, however having the conversation today will save a lot of stress tomorrow should the unexpected happen.

Here are 7 items for your “Unexpected Death” Checklist:

  1. Ensure that your spouse/executor are aware of any pre-paid funeral (or specific) arrangements you have made and where the information is located.
  2. Do you have a will?  Does your spouse/executor know where it is located? If you own a business, do you have two wills?
  3. If you have insurance policies, let your spouse/executor know where they are.
  4. A list of assets you own as well as their location.  Update this list annually.
  5. Make a list of key passwords to your financial accounts.
  6. A list with the contact information for your lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, insurance broker.
  7. If you have a safety deposit box, additional bank accounts or investments, ensure that information and its location is known to your spouse/executor.


If you are able to keep everything in one location, it will make things so much easier for those you leave behind.

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