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If your business involves any driving, you should be tracking your mileage by using a mileage tracker like Triplog.  If you’re thinking that you’re already drowning in paperwork and don’t have time to track your miles, consider this: If you’re not tracking your mileage, you’re leaving your money on the road, cash that you could use to reinvest in your business.

Did you know that QuickBooks users who log their mileage find on average 46% more deductions during tax time?

There is the ‘old fashioned painful way’ of tracking your mileage on paper, or there is app technology that can do this for youWith the variety of highly intuitive, easy-to-use mileage tracking apps available today, there is little reason not to be tracking your mileage. The days of logging miles on anything from notebooks to receipts to fast food napkins are over. A new generation of software is available to you that allows you to keep detailed, organized records through an app on your phone.

That means every mile driven to meet clients, run business errands, or collect work supplies will add up to one thing: cash. Uber drivers, photographers, manufacturers, bakeries, HVAC businesses, plumbers, electricians, or anyone who is self-employed or owns a business, will receive a benefit.

If you are not tracking your mileage for your business, allow us to introduce you to TripLog.

5 Reasons we recommend TripLog for your business:

  1. It integrates with QuickBooks Online.
  2. It automatically tracks mileage based on your GPS coordinates.
  3. It analyzes fuel efficiency.
  4. It tracks your fleet.
  5. It’s easy to use.


How will TripLog’s mileage and expense tracking services help to improve your business?

  • Automatic mileage capture.
  • No more over reimbursing.  Employees often overestimate their mileage by up to 25%.
  • Streamlined reporting and approval.  Manage multiple users with ease.
  • Accurate expense tracking for tax deductions for every type of business.
  • Select multiple locations and map out the best possible route fast!
  • Get real-time fleet tracking and manage thousands of drivers easily.


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