Introducing Cash Flow Planner from QuickBooks Online

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One of the reasons we really like and recommend QuickBooks Online (QBO) is that like us, Intuit is always looking for new ways to help business owners improve their business.

QuickBooks Online has made managing your business cash flow easier with their new Cash Flow Planner feature, helping you save time working IN your business so you can spend more time working ON your business.

There are many benefits to understanding your business’ cash flow.  QBO makes this easier for you to manage by having your business finances, cash flow forecasting and actionable insights all in one place.

Real-time dashboard

No spreadsheets required!  A real-time dashboard puts you in control from a single location.  Your bank accounts are all synchronized giving you an accurate view of your cash flow position at the touch of a button.

90-day cash flow projection

QBO’s cash flow planning is easy to use and helps you avoid using complicated excel spreadsheets.  Cash Flow Planner was introduced to give you a daily view into your cash flow, 90 days in advance.

Proactive scenario planning

Go beyond your predicted transactions by adding future money in and money out to see your cash flow over the next 90 days.  Plan how expenses like new equipment or hiring an employee, will affect your position over the next few months.

QuickBooks puts you in control of your cash flow.  We can’t wait for you to try out this new feature and hear about the impact it has on your business.

KWB can get you set up

We recommend QBO software because of the great features and benefits the software offers to our clients.

We also have a number of QBO Pro Advisors on our team who would be delighted to help your business make the switch to QuickBooks Online.

If you would like more information or have any questions, feel free to contact us at 780.466.6204, or click here to send us an email.

Source:  Intuit Canada

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