The CRA may owe you money

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Most of us daydream about receiving a surprise notification that we have suddenly received some unexpected money.

Although it may not qualify as a windfall, there is a chance that the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) may owe you some money.

There is approximately $1 billion in uncashed refunds from the CRA in Canada.  You may be in for a pleasant surprise by checking your “My Account” on the CRA website.

Simply create or log into your personal account on the CRA website and look for the new “uncashed cheque” feature to see if you are better off than you thought you were.

To prevent future cheques from going uncashed, sign-up for direct deposit and always ensure you update your address if you move. Being signed up for direct deposit ensures any future payments go quickly and directly into your bank account.

The “uncashed cheque” feature is not available on the “My Business Account” at this time.

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Source:  Canada Revenue Agency

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