T2200 Forms and COVID-19

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A T2200 form is typically only filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) when an employee’s work situation requires them to pay for work-related expenses, or when an employee can, within reason, expect to claim work-related expenses as deductions on their tax return.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic many people are working from home rather than their usual office setting, and many have had to spend their own money to create a work-friendly environment. This has raised the question if a T2200 form is appropriate to be used.

In response to the pandemic and work-from-home movement, the CRA has implemented a flat rate of $400 (or $2 per day) for employees who worked from home for four consecutive weeks during the pandemic. To claim this flat rate, an employee does not have to complete a T2200.

If the employee incurred expenses that amount to more than $400, they will need to complete and submit a T2200 form including their employer’s signature.

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