Best Practices for Submitting Documents Electronically

We are encouraging you to send us your personal tax information or corporate records electronically.   This guide will assist you through the process while ensuring your data is secure and well managed.

  • File Types:  We can accept pretty much any file types (PDF, jpeg, bmp, tiff, png, etc.)
  • Image Quality:  Obviously, the better the quality, the better for us.  Our preference (in order from best to worst) are as follows:
    • Original digital documents from the source (Bank, vendor, etc.)
    • Black and white scan of an original (desktop scanner or phone scan apps)
    • Cellphone picture of a document
  • File Names:  to the extent that a good description of the document can be in the file name, it really helps us identify and organize the documents.  If that is not easily done, don’t worry about it.
  • Scanning with Your cellphone:   There are some really handy and free phone apps for scanning documents.  The benefits of these are that they convert the image to a smaller data file, rather than a picture.  When using these, it is best if you can scan in black & white rather than colour or greyscale.
  • Using our file transfer system:  KWB employs an industry leading and secure file transfer system called Citrix ShareFile.  Through this, you can upload any number and size of files without the restrictions that e-mail systems have.  We recommend this over e-mailing attachments as e-mails are a much less secure way of sending your data.

If you are working directly with one of our team members and they have requested documents from you, use the link in their e-mail signature to directly and securely upload documents to that person:

  • Upload in one batch per taxpayer or corporation:  Although we certainly can receive documents in one or multiple uploads, it is much easier if:
    • There is only one upload for each taxpayer or corporate entity.  This means using the above links every time for a new individual or entity.
    • That the person or entity is identified clearly in the welcome screen
    • That you transfer all of the files into the webpage before pushing “upload”.  Each time you press “upload” it initiates a separate transfer It’s better if it comes as one upload.
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