Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) Top Tips


KWB recommends using Dext, formerly Receipt Bank, to keep track of your receipts and help you to claim back more on your taxes.

Here are 15 steps for business owners to get started with the Dext app:

  1. Download the app
  2. Take photos of your receipts
  3. Apply the Supplier Rules function so that you can set up all your regular suppliers with their specific payment terms, etc.
  4. Choose a sorting metric that works for you
  5. Use the “Invoice Fetch” function for recurring supplier invoices such as utility bills
  6. Use the “Auto-publish” function to directly publish your top 10 regular supplier invoices to your bookkeeping software, such as QuickBooks Online
  7. Train employees who will be using the software within your business, and consider KWB for your cloud accounting software training needs
  8. Use the “Cloud Archive” to keep receipts that you may need in the future
  9. Integrate the app with your cloud accounting software before you upload receipts
  10. Use your dedicated Dext (Receipt Bank) email address (provided with the app) to forward receipts, invoices, and bank statements
  11. Set up automatic forwarding so that you don’t miss an important document
  12. If you have a lot of receipts and documents to upload, set up the “Bulk Edit” function (found under “Tools” on the menu)
  13. Add and manage “Payment Methods” in your account settings if you use different credit cards, cheques, or debit to pay your various suppliers
  14. Add a description of the receipt or document before hitting submit – this will save you time at a later stage and is especially important if more than one person is using the app within your business
  15. Get more details on your transactions by signing up for “Automatic Line Extraction”
  16. Use “Expense Reports” for staff expense claims – your employees can submit their expense claims quickly and accurately in one click

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