Canada Revenue Agency Audits to Resume in September | How to Prepare

Beginning in March 2020, many audits performed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) were paused or suspended as our government adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and focused energies on supporting Canadians through economic uncertainty.

In July 2021, auditors began to communicate that work on these files would resume in September this year. If the audit of your business is upcoming, or you’re curious about how to prepare your business for a potential audit by the CRA, here’s how to get ready:

  1. Maintain organized financial records and reconcile your financial statements
  2. Ensure bookkeeping is completed on a regular basis – monthly or at least quarterly – and that all transactions are categorized and calculated correctly
  3. Understand what types of questions may be asked as part of an investigation and review CRA’s Criminal Investigations Process to prepare
  4. Consider filing a Voluntary Disclosure to protect yourself from potential financial penalties and to avoid undue stress
  5. Work with us to make sure your records and files are accurate and orderly to help make the auditing process as efficient and simple and possible


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