How to Get Started with Quickbooks Online and Cloud Accounting

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What is Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks Online (or QBO) is an online accounting software platform that helps you run your business, saves you time, and is accessible from anywhere. Because it’s an online, cloud-based platform, Quickbooks Online allows you to collaborate with your accounting team, automate workflows and processes, and integrate with other apps and tools for even greater time savings and capabilities.

QBO provides secure hosting, automatic data backup, controlled access, and accountability for everyone.

Why Use Quickbooks Online?

Quickbooks Online offers real-time accounting information that can be reported on in various ways to demonstrate trends and provide you with knowledge to make better business decisions.

Because it’s collaborative, your accounting team can access your financials to provide assistance, feedback, and guidance easily to help you grow and operate your business more efficiently. You’ll benefit from reviewing and analyzing your business’s performance and gain insight into how to improve it.

Should You Migrate to the Cloud?

Quickbooks Online and related cloud accounting tools like Dext and Jobber are right for you if:

  • You want to receive and use real time financial results
  • You are looking to increase efficiency with your accounting processes
  • You want to improve the accuracy of your bookkeeping

Get Started with Quickbooks Online

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with our Cloud Accounting Manager, Shelley. She will meet with you to understand your needs and goals and provide a demonstration. She will also work with you to customize your cloud accounting ecosystem. You’ll receive full training and support to make sure you truly understand and benefit from the software.

When you work with us, there is no charge for your QBO Plus and Dext subscriptions, which is a value of over $1000/year.

Get expert guidance and resources to put these and other things in place for your business’s success. Connect with KWB’s team of advisors and accountants here.

Learn more about ONSight Advisory services for businesses here.

Strategic Business Goal Setting

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