How to Manage Your Business’s Cash Flow

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Managing your business’s cash flow is essential to its success and financial health. So how do you ensure your cash flow management is effective?

Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management focuses on the actual movement of money in and out of your bank account. Your budget might place an expense in the month that the item is purchased, but your cash flow will see the amount paid in the month when the money actual leaves your bank. Likewise, you might serve an invoice to a customer and record that revenue in the same month, but the collection of cash might actually appear at a later time.

Monitoring your cash flow can help you decide when the best time to make payments or collect funds is. A cash flow will also identify when you will likely need an overdraft and how large it will need to be in order to avoid cash flow issues. Does it make more sense to pay a bill when it is due rather than when you receive it? That depends on the timing of money coming in and the other expenses you have.

Consistently examining and managing your business’s cash flow will allow you to spot trends and make adjustments to ensure you always have the money available when you need it, or if that’s not possible, that you are prepared for when it isn’t there.

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