How to Avoid Physician Burnout | Tools for Saving Time and Improving Efficiency

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What is Physician Burnout?

Physician burnout affects people in all specialties and practice settings. It’s a long-term stress reaction that often includes:

  • Feelings of decreased personal achievement
  • Depersonalization (a lack of compassion or empathy for patients)
  • Emotional exhaustion

What Causes Physician Burnout?

Physician burnout is caused by many factors, but the burnout epidemic is often associated with:

  • System inefficiencies
  • Administrative burdens
  • Increased regulation and technology requirements

What Are the Risks of Physician Burnout?

When a physician experiences burnout, it can have a harmful effect on organizational productivity and morale. It can also lead to less time spent directly on patient care.

Managing and preventing physician burnout is essential to your ability to provide quality patient care and a sustainable business and workplace environment.

How to Solve Physician Burnout

To protect yourself from physician burnout, pay attention to changes in your attitude, the sources of your frustration, and where your time is spent.

Proactively assess your proximity to physician burnout and implement tools, processes, and systems that will solve system inefficiencies, ease administrative burdens, and simplify workflows and processes.

Tools to Prevent Physician Burnout

Tasks like tracking payables and receivables, managing payroll, and spending time on accounting administration can be distracting from the work that matters most – patient care. There are steps you can take to make these processes more efficient to save you time and prevent burnout due to inefficiencies and administrative burdens.

Apps like Quickbooks Online and Dext will help you to quickly and easily track and process expenses while eliminating the need to keep paper receipts and invoices. Dext allows you to snap a picture of a receipt and upload it so that it can be automatically categorized and processed. Dext syncs with Quickbooks Online to make bookkeeping and accounting processes simple and efficient.

You can also benefit from a needs analysis that reviews your business structure, current needs, and potential opportunities to identify the action you can take to improve business performance and reach your goals, all with improved efficiency and burnout prevention in mind.

With the right blend of tools and support implemented, you’ll replace physician burnout with:

  • Improved patient satisfaction and higher quality care
  • Improved team morale
  • Improved team recruitment and retention

Resources for Physicians to Prevent Burnout and Strengthen Business Performance

This webinar offers a Financial and Legal Checkup for Medical Practitioners. Watch it to learn more about how to run your practice more efficiently, tax planning tips to optimize savings, and much more.

This webinar on How to Complete a SWOT Analysis and Strategic Business Goal Setting shares a demonstration on how to determine your current strengths and opportunities, weaknesses and threats, different types of business goal categories, and how to use your completed SWOT analysis to develop strategic goals and a plan for achieving them.

Business Advice and Accounting Support for Physicians

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