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KWB is excited to share that in 2023, we saved our clients over $9 million in taxes through the ongoing and advanced tax planning strategies that we implement with our clients.

As a result of some time-sensitive tax savings opportunities that were changing at the end of 2023, and to ensure our clients optimized their tax plans, we combed through our client list to identify who we thought would be most likely to take advantage of these strategies. We then directly contacted each individual to review the opportunities and the process with them so that we could get to work as quickly as possible. We also communicated with all of our clients through emails and social media to ensure that we captured anyone who might be interested.

Our team continually works hard to ensure that we are aware of new and changing opportunities to optimize your tax situation. We keep you informed and offer you customized advice based on our knowledge of your business, personal finances, and goals so that we can help you create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

At KWB we understand that with good information and advice, business owners will have the knowledge needed to make better decisions. Through a caring and proactive partnership approach, we provide great advice that improves your business and achieves the best outcome for your business, you, and your family.

To learn more about some of the advanced tax planning that we do and to simplify your accounting, improve your profit, and achieve your goals, book an introductory meeting with a member of our team here.

Strategic Business Goal Setting

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