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If increasing profit is one of your business goals, there are simple strategies you can implement to help you get there. The Power of One is a profit improvement tactic that helps you increase profit by adjusting specific metrics by as little as 1% or a factor of one.

Simple Profit Improvement Strategies: The Power of One

With financial information at your fingertips such as income, revenue, and expenses, you can analyze the impact that a 1%- or one-day adjustment will have on your profit and cash flow, and ultimately the value of your business.

power of one graph

In the example above, a coffee shop that decreases their cost of sales by 1% can increase their cash flow by over $56,000 and the net profit of the company by almost $47,000. In addition, increasing their average days payable by just 1 day creates positive cash flow of almost $13,000.

Accounting and Advisory Support to Improve Your Business Profit

KWB Accountants & Advisors specializes in working with auto repair business owners to provide you with support and services that will help you simplify your accounting, improve your profit, and achieve your goals.

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Strategic Business Goal Setting

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