Alberta Budget 2024: A Comprehensive Overview for Businesses and Families

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The newly released Alberta Budget for 2024 aims to place a strong emphasis on healthcare, education, family assistance, and community safety.

Investing in Jobs and the Economy

A number of initiatives are introduced in Budget 2024 for companies and the economy. With a $5,000 refundable tax credit, the Alberta is Calling attraction bonus seeks to draw talented tradespeople. Infrastructure funding of $724 million will be allocated to municipalities, and $60 million will be provided to stimulate economic development under the Local Growth and Sustainability Grant program.

Managing Resources and Environmental Stewardship

The budget allocates $251 million for flood and drought mitigation projects and $418 million to expand water supply and storage infrastructure. The focus is on sustainability, with $597 million dedicated to emissions reduction, clean technology development, and job creation.

Healthcare Investments

The healthcare sector is set to receive a significant boost with a 4.4% increase in the operating budget for the Health ministry, reaching $26.2 billion. A substantial portion of this funding, $475 million, is allocated to Modernizing Alberta’s Primary Health Care System. Initiatives include improving access to family physicians, supporting Indigenous communities, developing nurse practitioner compensation models, and bolstering Primary Care Networks.

Education: Investing in Alberta’s Future Workforce

Budget 2024 allocates a 4.4% increase in operating expenses to the Education ministry as well, totaling $9.3 billion. $1.9 billion in capital funding for new school projects and over $1.2 billion to support enrolment growth. Business owners may benefit from the focus on apprenticeship programs, with more than $100 million in new funding over three years to add 3,200 seats and address growing demand at post-secondary institutions.

Supporting Albertans: Strengthening Families and Communities

There is an investment of $1.5 billion for child-care services, aiming to create more spaces, lower fees, and improved access to support service providers. Additionally, $717 million in capital grants for affordable housing and $151 million for Seniors, Community, and Social Services.

More Information on the Alberta Budget 2024

You can find more details on Alberta’s 2024 budget updates here.

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