Important Tax Considerations for Dog Owners | Avoid Penalties for Forgetting to File


With the personal tax filing deadline of April 30, 2024 fast approaching, you should be aware of the added tax filing responsibilities you face as a dog owner, like the Cheese Tax.

Dog Owner Tax Obligations

When you help yourself to a snack, like a piece of cheese or slice of apple, you are obligated to provide a portion of that snack, of equal or greater size, to your dog. This is known as the “cheese tax” and it is required to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of your dog who would otherwise be very sad to be left out of having delicious human treats.

Penalties for Failing to File the Cheese Tax

Every time you fail to pay the cheese tax, you risk facing penalties like:

  • Sad puppy eyes
  • Begging
  • Shunning
  • In severe cases, you may also face snarling

Other Cheese Tax Considerations

If you are snacking on something like broccoli or spinach and you’re confident that your dog won’t enjoy it, you are still required to offer them a portion. If your dog determines that your offering is insufficient or unappealing, you must be prepared to offer other tasty treats to ensure your cheese tax is still paid.

Navigating Cheese Tax Requirements – We Can Help You!

KWB Accountants & Advisors works with dog owners to ensure that you understand your tax obligations and to help you navigate your responsibilities to avoid harsh penalties. Visit our Edmonton office to speak with a KWB office dog for guidance and advice on these and other dog related matters (like meeting scritch quotas and what to do if you forget to say “big stretch” when your dog stretches).

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