Business Year-End

business year end financial statements Edmonton

Business year-end isn’t just when we file your taxes; it’s when we set the path for next year’s successes.

To help you prepare for year-end, we will send you a checklist as your year-end approaches. The checklist identifies all of the documents you will need to bring us so that we can prepare your financial statements and file your taxes efficiently and as quickly as possible. We find this reduces the risk of missing something important, and means that you never have to deal with the feeling that you’ve forgotten something.

When we are reviewing your year-end financial information, we try to identify tax savings for the current year, as well as the upcoming year. For example, we might identify that by changing your business’s tax plan or by changing the structure of your business, you’ll realize tax savings this year.

"KWB has always provided me with timely support for all of our business and family needs, and have priced their services fairly."

Our Process:

  • Drop off your documents in person or through our secure Internet options
  • Your tax return goes through a rigorous review process to ensure every possible opportunity for tax savings has been explored.
  • We review your financial statement and tax returns with you, in person or remotely
  • Timeliness is a priority for us, so turnaround time is fast; you can expect the entire process to be complete within four to six weeks.

We also provide personal tax advisory services to individuals who we do business year-end work for. By doing both your personal and business taxes and accounting, we will have a better overall picture of your finances, and can better advise you on tax minimization strategies.

For assistance with your business year-end, please contact us.

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