Strategic Advisory Package

Welcome to ONSight Advisory! 

We’re thrilled to offer expanded services to support the needs and goals of business owners like you. 

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Collaborative support

Receive the guidance and resources you need to improve your business through collaborative strategic planning.


Improved performance

Each quarterly meeting will be an opportunity to review and analyze your business’s financial performance. You will also receive information on relevant topics and recommendations for tools to improve your business’s performance. 


Reach your goals

Our advisors will provide insight to help you grow and operate your business more efficiently and will ensure you’re making progress towards your goals, allowing you to create the business and lifestyle of our dreams. 

A catered experience built just for you

We create a personalized experience for you. Whether you’re a physician with their own practice, a mechanic with their own shop, a trades business owner, or any other kind of business owner, you’ll always feel understood, cared for, and at home with us.

Strategic Business Goal Setting

Strategic Advisory Package Services

Needs Analysis
Identify and understand what your business goals are and what the business requires and already has in place to support those goals. 

Business Road Map & Forecasting
Create a month-by-month action plan to identify and plan for desired business revenue, related costs, and your overall business performance. Predict the likely future movement of money in and out of the business to ensure you can plan to manage debts when they are due. 

KPI Development & Tracking
Identify, measure, monitor, and adjust your financial and non-financial key performance indicators. 

Quarterly Board of Advice Meeting
Benefit from dedicated time with your team of specialists to review progress and discuss strategic changes. 

Monthly Phone Call Check-ins
Be accountable to your goals and your action plan through monthly check-ins with your team of advisors. 

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To learn more about how ONSight Advisory can benefit you and your business, contact [email protected] or 780.466.6204. 

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