How to Adopt Digital Tools and Technology for Your Business

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There has never been a better time to adopt digital tools and technologies for your business. There are more options than ever to help save you time and improve business performance, each created to support different industries, business types, and functions. There’s also a new Canadian Digital Adoption Program available – a subsidy offering businesses […]

Accounting and Advisory Support for Physicians and Medical Practitioners

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As a physician or medical practitioner with your own practice or professional corporation, choosing the right accountant and business advisor is as important to your financial health as you are to your patient’s health. Time Savings for Physicians and Medical Practitioners We understand that saving time and energy to focus on your patients, your family, […]

How to Save Time and Money in Your Business

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Is your business operating as efficiently as it could be? There are likely several changes you can make to save time and money, and we can help you identify and implement them. Time Saving Technology The right tools and technology can help you automate processes and workflows. Quickbooks Online can simplify and streamline your accounting […]

The Best Apps for Business Owners

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Technology to Improve Business Performance How many of the best apps for business owners do you have in place? The right technology can save you time and energy while improving your business performance, so do you have the right tools in place to support simplified processes and workflows, better reporting, and confident decision making?  Migrate […]

Canadian Digital Adoption Subsidy Program | The Portal Is Open

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Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) A subsidy is now available for small and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs who develop a digital roadmap and transformation strategy. The Canadian Digital Adoption Program will provide companies 90% up to $15,000 to support the development of a digital transformation strategy, and applications are now being accepted here. The […]

Tools to Make Your Business Stronger

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Whether you want to improve your overall business performance, or you want to grow or prepare your business for sale, having the right technology in place can help you immensely. Cloud accounting and workflow tools will help you run your business more efficiently by saving you time, energy, and money. Quickbooks Online for Small Business […]

Protect Your Business from Cyber Security Threats

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Small businesses unfortunately make great targets for cyber security threats. For most business owners, it’s not a question of if an incident will take place, but when it will. There are many ways to protect your business from potential risks and threats, and to prepare your response plan for when an incident occurs. YEGBiz hosted […]

How to Get Started with Quickbooks Online and Cloud Accounting

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What is Quickbooks Online? Quickbooks Online (or QBO) is an online accounting software platform that helps you run your business, saves you time, and is accessible from anywhere. Because it’s an online, cloud-based platform, Quickbooks Online allows you to collaborate with your accounting team, automate workflows and processes, and integrate with other apps and tools […]

Simplify, Strengthen, and Achieve | How to Optimize Your Business’s Performance

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Take your business to the next level by focusing on simplifying and strengthening your operations and workflows so you can achieve the results you desire. Simplify Your Business Implement technology and tools that let you collaborate, automate workflows and processes for increased efficiency, and integrate your processes and systems to save time and energy. Tools […]

10 Things Your Business Needs to be Successful

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Though you know the products or services you provide and the clients and customers you support, you may feel overwhelmed ensuring your business is operating efficiently and generating the results you desire. Here are 10 things you should have in place in order to drive the success of your business and create the business and […]