Alberta Jobs Now Program | Second and Third Intake Update

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The Alberta Jobs Now Program is in it’s second intake period as of November 10, 2021 until available funding is allocated. A third intake period will be announced shortly. The Alberta Jobs Now Program is providing up to $370 million to support private and non-profit businesses to help get Albertans back to work while the […]

10 Things Your Business Needs to be Successful

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Though you know the products or services you provide and the clients and customers you support, you may feel overwhelmed ensuring your business is operating efficiently and generating the results you desire. Here are 10 things you should have in place in order to drive the success of your business and create the business and […]

Restrictions Exemption Program Implementation Grant for Alberta Businesses

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If your business is participating in Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program, you may be eligible for a one-time payment of $2000 to help offset the cost of implementing the program. To be eligible, an Albertan organization must be: on the list of eligible in-scope operators (restaurants, bars and hotels are the most common of these) implementing […]

The Right Time to Buy a House | Can You Afford to Buy a Home in Canada?

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You might be ready to buy a home if you can see yourself staying in the same place for the long term and you have a general idea of what your future will look like. Perhaps your current home doesn’t meet your needs and you’re in a comfortable financial position with a manageable amount of […]

Programs and Financial Assistance for Home Ownership in Canada

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According to the 2019 Canadian Income Survey, the median after-tax income of Canadian families and unattached individuals was $62,900 in 2019. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the average price of a detached single-family home in Canada was about $700,000. To help Canadians purchase homes, a few programs exist to make it easier. The Home […]

Renting vs. Buying A Home in Canada | What is the Right Financial Choice for You?

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The Cost of Renting a Home in Canada The cost of renting a home is simple to determine. It’s basically what you pay in rent and utilities. Your landlord takes care of all other costs associated with homeownership and maintenance. However, it’s also important to understand that renting rather than buying can mean a loss […]

Home Ownership Changes in Canada | Are Canadians Still Buying Houses?

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As family structures evolve in Canada, the need for home ownership has also changed. Canadians are having fewer children with rates hitting record lows beginning in 2019. In 1959, the average number of births per woman was 3.94, while in 2019 the average number of births per woman declined to 1.47. Canada’s marriage rate has […]